Welcome to the City of Leadville

The City of Leadville is committed to providing efficient access to Downtown Leadville for residents, employees, and visitors alike. As part of that commitment, the City is taking a fresh look at how public parking is managed Downtown.

This includes review of the Private Parking Program, which allows Downtown residents to reserve private parking near their homes for a fee. The City is also evaluating ways to improve snow removal practices and procedures. Check out the link to the survey and flyer to learn more!






City Department Contacts below:

Mayor  719-207-2072    lvmayor@leadville-co.gov
Admin   719-293-1507 adminservices@leadville-co.gov
City Clerk    719-486-0349   cityclerk@leadville-co.gov
Police 719-486-1365   lpdadmin@leadville-co.gov  
Dispatch   719-486-1249 or 911  
Fire    719-486-2990 ddailey@leadvillefire.org 
Street    719-486-1166 streetdept@leadville-co.gov
Animal Shelter    719-486-8951 leadvilleshelter@gmail.com


Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to navigate our new normal in the face of COVID-19.  We need to continue to practice the four practices that have been shown to decrease the spread of infection. These key practices are social distancing, good hand hygiene, wearing a face-covering in public, and staying home when sick. 

  • Please wear a mask 

  • Please stay home if you are sick.

  • Please schedule an appointment if you would prefer to conduct city business. 

Each Department may have additional requirements and policies.  City meetings will continue to be virtual via Zoom for the foreseeable future. 
We are in a new normal which includes all four practices. 


Updated: March 17,2021:

COVID-19 Risk Level: CAUTION


Lake County Risk Level Indicator Guidelines:

As of March 17, 2021, Lake County Public Health measures include:

Please review for important news on LCPHA’s local public health order amendment effective today and updated Risk Level Indicator Guidelines, now fully aligned with parameters established within the current CDPHE state dial framework.

Monitor the Lake County COVID pages at https://www.LakeCountyOEM.org/covid-19 for on-going updates.


Todas las oficinas del gobierno del condado de Lake y el Municipal de Leadville estarán cerradas al público, pero estarán operando con los servicios; Habrá una suspensión de los programas de Recreación y de la Biblioteca a partir del lunes 16 de marzo hasta el domingo 22 de marzo. La Agencia de Salud Pública del Condado de Lake permanecerá abierta con acceso público limitado. Los funcionarios del condado reevaluarán los cierres el viernes 20 de marzo.

Si necesita ayuda por favor comuníquese con nosotros por computadora, correo electrónico o teléfono. El Consejo todavía está programado para su reunión regular el 17/03/2020. Les animamos a ver la reunión a través de nuestro canal de YouTube. Es una reunión abierta al público, considere todas las recomendaciones de salud y recomendaciones de distanciamiento social. El canal de YouTube de la ciudad se puede ver en https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwvzT7xxZT8cvj9FVonb3Hw

Recursos con información actualizada de Leadville y Lake County en:





The City of Leadville is now accepting online payments for all permits, forms, and donations. Liquor licenses, Marijuana licenses, and fines will not be available for online payment. Please click on the following link to access the online payment portal. PLEASE NOTE there will not be a confirmation of payment. Do not enter payment card information more than one time. If you need to confirm receipt of payment please contact the City of Leadville 719-486-2092.