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City Council Members

The Leadville City Council consists of the Mayor and six council members elected from the three wards of the city. Its powers include the management and control of the finances and all the property real and personal, belonging to the city. For more information about the city council's duties and responsibilities see Chapter 2.04 of the Leadville Municipal Code.

City Councilmembers are Tracey Lauritzen representing Ward 1, Christian Luna-Leal representing Ward 1, Tim Hill representing Ward 2, Shannon Grant representing Ward 2, Dana Greene representing Ward 3, and Max Forgensi representing Ward 3.

City Council meetings are regularly scheduled on the first and third Tuesdays of every month, starting at 6:00 p.m. Meetings are held in council chambers located in City Hall, 800 Harrison Ave., Leadville CO 80461

Christian  Luna-Leal- Ward 1

Dana Greene- Ward 3

Tim Hill- Ward 2

Shannon Grant- Ward 2

Justin M. Forgensi- Ward 3

Tracey Lauritzen-Ward 1

City Council met on 9/11/18 to discuss a list of core values and priorities to frame the 2019 budget work sessions. During this meeting, it was determined that the following vision and mission statements will be placeholders and the council/staff will be fine-tuning the two statements over the next several months. Please review the list of core values that were unanimously selected and the list of 2019 priorities.


We maintain our authentic Leadville identity while improving the quality of life for residents that is economically, culturally, and environmentally sustainable.  


We are respectful, harmonious, and collaborative and insist on transparent governing that prioritizes opportunities that preserve our history and heritage.  

Core Values:

Open-minded & Flexible