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Special Event Permits

The City of Leadville issues special event and temporary use permits. A Temporary Use Permit is required for any organized activity involving the use of, or having impact upon, public property, public facilities, parks, sidewalks, paths, trails, streets or other public areas or the temporary use of private property in a manner that varies from its current land use, that lies within the boundaries of the City of Leadville. 

Permit applications must be received no later than ninety (90) days prior to the actual date of your event if the event will require closure of Harrison Ave/HWY 24. For applications that will require a temporary closure of Harrison Ave/HWY 24,  that would delay access to Harrison Ave for two hours or less, do not require a ninety (90) application submittal. Permit applications must be received no later than thirty (30) days prior to the actual date of your event for all other requests that do not require closure of Harrison Ave/HWY 24 or for temporary closure as noted above.  If your special event requires road detours, the approved traffic control plans must be adhered to and submitted with the permit application request. 

Information from your permit application is considered public information and may be used in developing the calendar of community events or reviewed by the public under the Open Records Act.

Please contact the Administrative Services Assistant for more information:


Phone: 719-656-0208

Permit Forms:

Special Event-Temporary Use Permit Application

Traffic Control Plans for Road Detours

Special Event-Temporary Use Map