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Liquor Licenses

The City of Leadville’s Municipal code addresses liquor licenses in Chapter 5. Chapter 5.08 details the liquor license regulations that are currently in place. For more information concerning obtaining a liquor license please click on the links below or please email the Deputy City Clerk at

Chapter 5.08 Liquor License

Colorado Department of Revenue Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division

CBI Unique ID for the fingerprinting process is 5920LLQH


Obtaining a liquor license in the City of Leadville is a privilege and is issued by 'dual' licensing authorities. The licensing process may take several weeks to complete. 

  1. Read the City's Chapter 5.08 Liquor License.
  2. Choose the correct permit application from the State.
    • The instructions for each step of the process are included within the permit application packet. 
  3. Be prepared to pay any state and city fees with the application. Please check the City of Leadville Liquor Licensing Fees.
  4. Post a public notice, if needed, obtained by the Deputy City Clerk and attend a City Council Public Hearing at City Hall. This does not apply to basic renewals.
  5. Final applications, approved by the local authority, are then forwarded to the State Liquor Enforcement Division.
  6. Applications for renewals are automatically mailed to the licensee from the State Liquor Enforcement Division.  You may forward your completed application by mail to the Deputy City Clerk at 800 Harrison Avenue, via email at, or in person.
  7. If you would like to pay your renewal fees to the State Liquor Enforcement Division, you may go to and pay your city fees at  PLEASE NOTE there will not be a confirmation of payment. Do not enter payment card information more than one time. If you need to confirm receipt of payment please contact the City of Leadville at 719-486-2092.
    • Please send a copy of your State receipt to the Deputy City Clerk with your completed application.
  8. Email if you have any questions.



2023 Liquor License Fees