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Renew licenses

The City of Leadville’s Municipal code addresses business licenses in Chapter 5. Chapter 5.04 details the business license regulations that are currently in place. 

Chapter 5.04 Business License

Who Must Obtain a Business License

Every person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other business entity must obtain a business license from the city before operating, conducting, or carrying on any for-profit retail trade, profession, or business within the city. 5.04.010 - License required

New businesses must apply for a business license and must renew it annually. A business license is necessary for General Businesses (wholesale, retail, service, manufacturing, or contracting) and Home Occupation Businesses (home-based wholesale, retail, service, manufacturing, or daycare business where family members reside). 

Short Term Rentals do not have to apply for a Business License but must apply for a Short Term Rental license.

Business License Information

Before you begin the application to obtain a Business License please note:

  • Annual Renewal IS required
  • Businesses changing the name, ownership structure, or tax identification number must submit written notice within 30 days of the change. 
  • Businesses changing locations or nature of the business must submit a new business license application
  • There is an annual fee of $50 for business licenses
  • If you are a vendor participating in a City permitted special event, then you are not required to get a business or home occupancy license. You will follow the regulations associated with vending at the event, which are provided by the event coordinator.

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2023 Business License Instructions

2023 Business License Application




If you have any questions regarding a Business License, please contact the Deputy City Clerk at 719-486-0349, via email at cityclerk@leadville-co.gov, or at 800 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, CO 80461.

PLEASE NOTE there will not be a confirmation of payment. Do not enter payment card information more than one time. If you need to confirm receipt of payment please contact the City of Leadville at 719-486-2092.


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