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Lot Consolidation

All applications for lot consolidation shall be administratively reviewed by the planning official without notice or a public hearing and may be approved by the planning official in accordance with this chapter. Following submission of a lot consolidation application and plat, the planning official shall determine whether the application and plat are complete as required by this chapter. Following receipt of a completed application and plat, the planning official shall reach a final decision concerning the application within fifteen (15) days of the date of submission of the completed application and lot consolidation plat unless such deadline is waived by the applicant. A failure by the planning official to reach a final decision within thirty (30) days shall be deemed an administrative decision to approve the application. 

The cost for the lot consolidation is currently $125.00 plus the costs associated with the survey plat map creation and recording with the Lake County Clerk and Recorder office. 

Please utilize the following general application. Select the "Lot Consolidation" box.  Also, reach out to the Planning Official to discuss your application and proposed lot consolidation.