From time to time, commission, council, or the public seek to change the municipal code. To make changes to the legend, an Ordinance is necessary. Ordinances can only be adopted through a public hearing process. Notices of such hearings must be published in the local paper. The proposed Ordinance must be published. The opportunity for the public to speak and express their opinions and participate in the discussion is during the second reading of an Ordinance. City Council weighs and processes the information presented and then renders a decision. Leadville Municipal Code or the "Muni-Code" gets updated once a year with all the passed ordinances from that calendar year. Therefore current year ordinances will not be published in the Leadville Municipal Code (found here: https://library.municode.com/co/leadville/codes/code_of_ordinances) until January of the new year. Below are Ordinances that have been adopted this calendar year.

2022 City Council Ordinances

Ordinance 1, Series 2022 Amending Various Sections Of Leadville Municipal Code

2021 City Council Ordinances

Ordinance 1, Series 2021, A  Municpal Lease-Purchase Agreement With Ford Motor Credit Company LLC for the Lease and Purchase of 2021 Police Interceptor

Ordinance 2, Series 2021, A Municipal Lease-Purchase Agreement with NBH Bank for the Lease and Purchase of One Loader for the Street Department. 

Ordinance 3, Series 2021, Leadville Municipal Code to Add A New Section 3.08.030 Concerning Long-Term Leases 

Ordinance 4, Series 2021, An Ordinance Repealing and Re-Enacting Chapter 10.04 of Title 10 of the Leadville Municipal Code

Ordinance 5, Series 2021, An Ordinance Amending Title 16 to Add A New Chapter Concerning School Land Dedication 

Ordinance 6, Series 2021 Vested Rights between City of Leadville High Country Developers

Ordinance 7, Series 2021 Temporary Moratorium on Formula Businesses in the Retail Core

Ordinance 8, Series 2021 Amending the Offical City of Leadville Ward Map

Ordinance 9, Series 2021 PUD for Railyard Leadville Phase 2

Ordinance 10, Series 2021 Amending Title 3 to add Chapter 3.28 and 3.32 for the Marijuana Tax

Ordinance 11, Series 2021 Amending Title 3 to add Chapter 3.36 for the Accommodations Tax

2020City Council Ordinances

Ordinance 1, Series 2020, Street Excavation (Repeal & Replace).pdf

Ordinance 2, Series 2020, E-signatures.pdf

Ordinance 3, Series 2020, Sign code requirement suspension.pdf

Ordinance 4, Series 2020, amendment to Title 8 concerning nuisances.pdf

Ordinance 5 Series 2020, Parking sign moritorium.pdf

Ordinance 6 Series 2020, Short Term Rental Licensing 

Ordinance 7 Series 2020, Procurement Policy

Ordinance 8 Series 2020, Reenacting A Temporary Suspension of Certain Sign Codes 

Ordinance 9 Series 2020, Extending Temporary Moratorium on City's Issuance of Parking Permits 

Ordinance 10 Series 2020, Municipal Lease-purchase Agreement with Ford Motor Credit Company LLC for the Lease and Purchase of Three 2020 Police Interceptor 

2019 City Council Ordinances

Ordinance 1, Series 2019 Adopting Short Term Rental Codes in Title 17

Ordinance 2, Series 2019 Vacating Portions of ROW on W 6th Street for Petitioner Paolo Narduizzi

Ordinance 3, Series 2019 Amending Title 17 to Include Site Plan Review

Ordinance 4, Series 2019 Approving Subdivision Railyards Planned Unit Development Amendment # 1 

Introduced and failed: Ordinance 5, Series 2019 Marijuana Odor Failed

Ordinance 6, Series 2019 Business Licenses Title 5 Code Corrections

Ordinance 7, Series 2019 Vacating Portions of St. Louis Ave

2018 City Council Ordinances

Ordinance 1, Series 2018 Optional Premises liquor licenses

Ordinance 2, Series 2018 Construction Standards and Drainage Standards

2017 City Council Ordinances

Ordinance 1, Series 2017 Accepting Annexation of property "railyards" also known as poverty flats

Ordinance 2, Series 2017 Land Swap Chestnut Street Exchange for Property Owned by Jane & Bob Gowing

Ordinance 3, Series 2017 Railyard Property Annexation Initial Zoning

Ordinance 4, Series 2017 Amending the loitering provision of municipal code

Ordinance 5, Series 2017 2012 IBC Building Codes-Amendments and Fee Adoption

Ordinance 6, Series 2017 HPC Residential In-fill Design Guidelines

Ordinance 7, Series 2017 Animal Control Provisions 1st reading only

Ordinance 8, Series 2017 Tabor Opera House Long Term Lease with Foundation 

Ordinance 9, Series 2017 Odor Nuisance 1st reading only failed 

Ordinance 10, Series 2017 Dangerous Animal 1st reading

Ordinance 11, Series 2017 Amending Ch. 5.08 liquor license provisions 1st reading

Ordinance 12, Series 2017 Amending Ch. 16.12- Major Subdivision Provisions 1st reading

Ordinance 13, Series 2017 Railyard at Leadville Phase 1 Rezoning 1st reading

2016 City Council Ordinances

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2015 City Council Ordinances

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